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To provide you all the details on how we save the data and information given by our users, here we are describing all the minor and major points of our privacy policy. The security of our customer’s private data information is our main priority, and we never compromise with that. The need to take personal data is just to make your overall working experience with the extenders smooth and hassle-free. You can count on us as we don’t share the confidential data of our customers with any other third-party website or company.

When you share your information with our experts through a phone call, chat, or any other mode, you are automatically giving us the approval to use the data as per our requirement. Mainly the need is to regulate the troubleshooting process. This is the reason why we advised our customers to go through the privacy statement once before going further with us.


We use our website only in order to collect your private information, so make sure you don’t share anything through any other mode. With the motive to resolve all the errors with your extender, our experts asked you for all the minor and major details.


If you give your essential details, then it becomes easy for our support team to regulate the whole process. You need to give your personal details, payment information, and other essentials related to your extender. Trust us; we know how to handle confidential data and what it means to you. We support a secure gateway to provide our customers with a safe and secure payment procedure. You can totally relax about sharing your credit card details as we store data by following a proper procedure.


To regulate different tasks, we need your personal data. Here we are discussing the reasons when and why we will need your personal details.

  1. Establish connections with the customers in case of any emergency.
  2. To make improvisations in our customer support assistance.
  3. To find a solution to the complicated and critical issues.
  4. For marketing research surveys
  5. Processing of queries


If you have any questions or queries in your mind regarding our services or the way we treat your different issues, then you can easily contact our professionals. We will be happy to serve you in the most optimum way. You can choose to chat with our experts or mail us at support@newextendersetup.net.

Disclaimer: newextendersetup.net is an independent third-party website that provides assistance regarding third-party brands, products, and services. Hereby, we have used the brand names, third-party trademarks, and all other products and services with the motive to provide clarity regarding information and essential data. Hence we totally disclaim all types of affiliation, sponsorship as well as endorsement of any third-party brand or service. Our only aim is to provide services on the demand of new users and customers.

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