New Extender Setup – How To Troubleshoot Major And Minor Issues?

New Extender Setup

Using the right new extender setup details, you can easily install an extender at your home without any hassle. If you are a new user, then you might face errors with the setup process due to a lack of awareness. To this context, you can use the genie setup app or Netgear extender setup wizard to make the whole process manageable. The appearance of an error message at the time of setup can be due to some technical issues or might be you haven’t established the connections well.

The very first priority is to connect your device and the extender prominently so that you will be able to open the IP addresses like While working with this IP, you will find that different browsers will show different results after inserting this. For an instance, Google Chrome will show the message “unable to connect to the internet” whereas Firefox will show the message “Server not found”. But, all of these will mean the same that there is some issue in the setup process.

If the IP is not working for you, then you can also use the IP address in that place. This will also take you to the Netgear wireless range extender login page. Make sure that the extender is plugged in properly to a reliable power source and it is showing the solid green light.

Netgear Wifi Extender Troubleshooting Issues:

It is a fact that you might face a number of issues while regulating the setup process of the extender. Some of them are red light blinking, using an improper Ethernet cable, forgetting the password or SSID or both, problems in establishing a connection between the extender and the computer system, etc.

To minimize these, you can go for some of the following points:

  • You can use a different browser. As discussed above, the different browser shows different results. Make sure that the browser you are using is updated.
  • Location is another important segment that can affect your results. Make sure that the Netgear extender is placed nearby the router as well as the power socket.
  • Use a reliable Ethernet cable to establish a connection between the extender and the router.
  • Forgetting the password or username is another common mistake that most users do. In case you have forgotten the password or you don’t know about the default credentials, you can easily recover that from the user manual that comes along with the extender. For instance, you can use ADMIN as the username and PASSWORD as the password respectively.
  • If nothing works for you, the best thing you can do is reset the browser and connect it again after some time. Try a static IP address for your computer.

By following these guidelines, you can easily minimize some of the minor as well as major errors coming in the way of a new extender setup. Other than that, you can take professional help in case the errors are critical and technical. Invest in big brand names and they will offer you free and reliable customer support to manage all the big and small problems.

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