New Extender Setup – Effective Wifi Security In Few Easy Steps!

New Extender Setup

In today’s world, it is really challenging to avail the good speed of the internet as well as a prominent wifi range. Whether you are living in a four-room house or in an apartment with many rooms, you will need to install a device that can fulfill your all requirements. A new extender setup at your home can be a good addition to minimize your internet-related issues. But before that, there are numerous elements to keep in mind that can work together to give you that amazing connectivity. This includes stuff like purchasing the fastest internet plan as per your requirement to find the best location to place your extender. All these small-small things can make a whole new difference in your overall results.

Most people start their weeks by finding out the correct reason behind the slow speed of the internet. There can be different reasons behind that and the most common one is when someone hacked your wifi. Yes, you read it right. A recent case takes a serious turn when the hacker remotely switches on the computer’s camera of a girl and streams everything she was doing. Yes, it can go worse than this too. This is why you need to pay special attention to the security status of your wifi.

To make sure something like this doesn’t take place at your home or workplace, make sure that you are following some of the following points –

Make Sure You Update Your Router’s Firmware –

If you are using the routers for internet connectivity, then you will find that these devices already support the security software. Yes, there is an existence of software bugs but improvements are taking place regularly to give the consumers the best security device to enjoy internet range. To make sure all those improvements are enabled on your device, it is essential to updates the firmware of your router or wifi extender from time to time.

All you need is to access the device and check out the option of firmware version. By doing so, you will get to know which version you are using and whether you need to update that or not. This will make the overall task easy to handle and you will get better security too.

Using A Strong And Unique Wifi Name –

For first-time users, there is a need to fill in the default credentials that involve the default username and password. But once you get into the settings page of the wifi range extender, make sure that you use a random WiFi name that doesn’t give away any info about you. Labeling your wifi as Sam Wifi or Lily Upstairs Wifi is a wrong step in terms of the security factor.

Admin Username and Password –

When you set up the router for the first time, make sure that you make changes to the Admin password. To get details regarding the default username and password of the device, all you need is to do a simple search on Google. For best results, change the password as well as the username from Admin to more strong credentials. It is always recommended to use a series of numbers, letters, special characters, symbols, etc.

Use WPA2 Always –

Another thing to pay attention to is the choice of the type of encryption while setting up the wifi extender. It is helpful when want to connect to the WiFi. You get different options in terms of security; from WEP to WPA to WPA2. It is recommended to use the WPA2 if you want to avail a more secure encryption protocol.

Disable Remote Access –

For better management of the settings of the router, it is advised to establish a connection first then use the correct IP Address of the router without any mistake. You also get the option of Remote Access. These features let you establish a secure network and no other person can manage your router from outside your network. You also get the option to keep it permanent or temporary.

Who Is Connected?

If you invest in a router, then you need to know that you will get the facility to learn about the devices that are connected to your network. Plus, you will get wired as well as the wireless option to do so. You will also get a view of all the devices in the form of a list – cell phones, tablets, laptops at your home. If you have a glimpse of some strange connections like smart TV, voice assistant, security cameras, then don’t need to worry. All you need is to identify each one.

You also get the option of every single device connected to the wifi. You should be able to rename it to a meaningful name as each device connects. You can do so by regulating the Netgear new extender setup.

Limit Access To Secure Your Wifi –

By locking down the wifi, you can easily reject the new connections that you don’t want to connect with you. This means you can connect to devices that you recognize. All other devices are rejected. Now the question is what about those family friends and relatives that want to connect to your network. At that point, you need to use the option of Guest Wifi. Using this wifi, you can stay separated from the main network and provide guests with internet access. But it is also advised to not trust all the users blindly. Keep some of the limitations in hand.

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, there are multiple steps and apps available that will help you see where your WiFi signal is strong and where it is weak in your own home. Along with that, the experts advised regulating the process of Netgear range extender setup. This will help you get the desired range of wifi networks without facing issues. Make sure that the extenders are placed in the right location so that your WiFi signal reaches the areas you want to be covered.

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