New Extender Setup – A Detailed Guide On Working Of Netgear Extenders!

Netgear extender setup

Are you looking forward to the Netgear wifi extender setup process? Do you find your wifi slow than usual? Are you finding a proper device that can resolve your problem? If the answer to these questions is YES, then you are in need of a device called Extender. This is perfect for those who are living in a huge house with multiple rooms and cabinets. To name one of the best brands dealing in extenders, Netgear is the most prominent one as the devices cover the deepest corners of your house.

Before going further, let’s talk about the different types of extenders and how does the extender work, and why you need one at your home. Along with that, you will learn about – how to setup Netgear wifi extender!


To define in easy and simple terms, extenders define as the devices that are connected to the routers to amplify the signals with better range. These devices are perfect to extend the wifi signals so that they can reach easily in all directions. From shops to offices to factories and warehouses, extenders can serve the purpose at any place or location.


At the time you want a reliable internet connection, there is a need to install the router with antennas at the right location so that you can enjoy a prominent wifi range without any disturbance. To define a router, it basically works as a medium that provides a secure internet connection throughout your home. You get both options – using an Ethernet cable or go wirelessly. Make sure you use a reliable Ethernet cable so that the connection is established properly. On the other hand, wifi is a sort of signal.

The location of the extender is something that you need to take special care of. If you don’t know anything regarding placing the extender, then try to put it in the middle of the room. Placing it at some height is also effective as the signals can be transferred properly without any disturbance. Most of the new users don’t know that the walls, doors, furniture, etc. can become a great threat to the performance of the extenders. This is the reason why your wifi speed varies within your own house.


Talking about the working status of the Netgear extenders, these work on a simple principle where it catches signals from the router and then amplifies them before transmitting in all directions. As you are already aware of the application and functionality of this device, understanding the working status is quite easy. Unlike routers, these devices do not distribute the internet or connect with other devices. It won’t be wrong to say that an extender plays the role of a bridge between the computer system and the router.


To define a wifi extender, it is a device that amplifies your Wifi signals by carrying the signals physically from one site to another. While working as a clone, the extender is able to extend the range and strength of the signal.


It is quite clear from the name that the Wifi Repeater will repeats or clone the signals received from the router. Yes, it is small in size and comes with antennas that are there to enhance the performance and gives you desirable results. Now the question is – how wifi repeaters are different from extenders? Well, on one side, the repeaters just clone the signals but the extenders amplified the signals.


If you want to regulate the process of Netgear range extender setup, then you need to get aware of some of the essential points. It’s up to you whether you want to set up the device with the WPS or without it. Here we are discussing the essential points that you need to keep in mind while carrying out the procedure of the new extender setup.

Placement Of The Extender –

To get the desired results in terms of wifi range and strength, you need to put special efforts into finding the right location to place your extender. The most obvious mistake that most users do is blocking the signals of the extender by walls, doors, décor pieces, etc. The experts recommended placing the extender at some height too. To make the whole process of finding the right place for your extender, you can proceed in the following manner. Firstly, get a layout of your house and mark a place where you want the range more prominently. Now check out the location of the router. Point out the mid of both and place your extender there. Try to keep that area less filled as this will affect the performance of the extender.

Setup –

It is widely seen that most first-time users initiate the process of setting up the extender without thinking that it will need some of the essentials. You will need three main things – the correct IP Address, SSID, and the appropriate Password. If you are a new user, then make sure you get aware of the default credentials.

Role Of WPS Button In Setup Process –

Follow the required steps properly –

  • Plugin the extender in a wall outlet for power.
  • Using an Ethernet cable, connect the extender and the router as well as the computer system.
  • Open the browser and type in the right IP Address like or
  • Select Region under Quick Setup.
  • Now select the Wifi network and enter the Password and select copy from the main router.

Setup With WPS Button –

  • Place the extender nearby the router and plug it on.
  • Press the WPS button for a few seconds on the extender and router as well.
  • As a result, the extender will configure to your Wifi network automatically.
  • Lastly, check the status of the connection – whether it’s working or not!

In the whole process of Netgear extender setup, you need to get aware of a number of things and hopefully, this small guide will help you get aware of some of the essentials.

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