Netgear Genie Smart Setup – An Overall Guide To Installation!

Netgear Genie Smart Setup

For the installation process of the wifi range extender, Netgear Genie App can be counted as one of the best ways. Using this amazing app, you can easily see the instructions on the screen related to the whole installation process of the extender. Just go across the instructions one by one and set up the extender at your home or office without facing many errors.

In this small guide, you will get to know about all the terms and conditions related to Netgear genie smart setup wizard.


Following are some of the steps that you need to follow for Netgear Genie Smart Setup. Make sure you follow all the instructions properly so that you don’t need to face unwanted errors.

  • The very first thing is to switch on the Netgear wireless range extender using a reliable source of power.
  • Using a relevant Ethernet cable, establish a connection between the extender and the router.
  • Then you need to open your computer system and connect it to a high-speed internet connection.
  • Therein, you will need to open a web browser of your choice like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • In the address bar of the browser, you will have to fill in the required IP Address like or
  • As a result, you will reach the login administrator of the extender.
  • You will see two columns on your screen depicting your username and password. Here fill in the default credentials and click Login. Type the essential details in the given spaces. For example, you can fill ADMIN in the space of username and PASSWORD in the space of password.
  • The right details will take you to the settings page of the extender where you can make changes in the Netgear wifi range extender. You get eligible to alter security levels, SSID, password, LAN, WAN, WLAN, and more.

Here you will also see the option of Netgear Genie Smart Wizard.


By following some simple steps, you will be able to make your extender run with full efficiency. But if you still are facing issues accessing Netgear Genie Setup Page, then the following on-screen steps are prominent to set up your range extender.

  • Make your choice of the wifi network that you want to extend.
  • Click on CONTINUE and enter the SSID for the extended wireless network.
  • By clicking on the APPLY button, make sure you save all the changes.

To establish a connection between the WiFi-enabled devices and your extender’s network, follow up the instructions given on your screen.


To manage the settings of your wifi network, Netgear Genie App can be configured. The application is developed to work for PC, MAC, Android, and iOS devices. With it, it becomes extremely easy to manage the options of your extender, from monitoring the traffic to the parental control option to information about all the connected devices.


From making changes in the SSID to restrict unauthorized users from connecting to your network, the Netgear genie app desktop application can handle and control everything without any hassle. In case, your router is acting weird; you can also repair the network connection.

After downloading the Netgear Genie App, you get access to parental control, diagnosis of network connectivity issues, streaming and sharing videos, monitoring the traffic on your network, and more. By downloading this app, you can avail some of the following issues:

  • You will be able to have detailed information on all guest networks and monitor them too.
  • You will be able to use the parental control feature to restrict the improper activities of your kids like watching age-restricted sites, etc. The best part is you can use this option effortlessly via your smartphone also.
  • By adding Air Print compatibility to any printer, you can have prints from iPad and iPhone.
  • You will be able to have complete control over the settings of the network.
  • With the availability of the EZ, mobile connect feature, you get the option of securing your network using a QR code using your mobile or tablet.
  • The feature of My Media offers you the ease to stream videos and music files online very easily.
  • Get detailed information on the list of devices connected.
  • You get the eligibility to perform a network speed test.

This is how you will manage the Netgear genie setup app and its multiple features.


If you are looking forward to availing the benefits of the amazing features related to the Genie app, then it is essential to download it. For that to take place, you need to follow the below written instructions.

  • The easiest way to download the Netgear Genie app is to start searching for the same on Google.
  • Once you found it, you just need to click on the download button.
  • As a result, the app will start downloading on your respective device.
  • Wait for a few seconds and your Netgear Genie App will get download on your device, whether it’s your laptop or computer system.

Other than that, you can also install and download this application on your smartphone just by going to the Google play store or App store. If you are facing issues with the downloading or installation or both, then you can directly consult the experts.


With the aim to manage and troubleshoot the working of the router and extender, Genie App helps you with the internet services of your device. If you want to use this app, then there is a need to perform the Netgear genie login. Following the essential steps for the same –

  • Open the Genie App on your desktop and start navigating the router’s settings section.
  • Now click on the Remote access for login.
  • Use the signup button to create a genie account.
  • Click on the create button after entering all the essential details.
  • Once your account gets verified, you can log in to your account using the new credentials.
  • A cloud icon will be there on your screen once you are done with the Netgear Genie Login.

After this, you are eligible to use different features like traffic meter, parental control, wireless settings, and more.


Believe it or not but the installation of the Genie smart app on your phone or computer system can make a lot of things easier for you to tackle. All you need is to follow the right steps to download it and log in to the app using the right details.

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