How To Download And Install Netgear Genie Smart Setup App?

Netgear Genie Setup

Are you looking forward to having a complete guide to regulate the process of the Netgear genie smart setup? If yes, then this can be the right source of information for you. Through this official installation assistant of the Netgear extender, you can make the whole setup process hassle-free for you. Here we are talking about a list of things that you need to keep in mind while accessing the Genie interface. With the help of the Netgear genie smart setup wizard, you can enjoy a fast internet range in all corners of your home.

All you need is to follow the right steps in an organized manner so that there is the minimum scope of errors.


You can use the Netgear Genie app on different devices like your smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Using this app, you can easily monitor and manage the setup process and settings of your Netgear extender. The best part is this app is free to download and is supportive to both Windows and MAC devices.

You can simply install this amazing app through the play store or app store and start using it as it is. Once you succeeded in downloading the app, you can connect it to your network. Using this, you will get the real-time status of the home network even when you stepped out of your home or workplace. Another essential feature that you can enjoy is you can make alterations in the settings of your Netgear Routers and WiFi range extenders through this app only.


The very first thing that you need to do is to connect your extender to a reliable internet connection.
You can choose the internet browser of your choice. For instance, you can pick Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and more.

After filling in the required IP, you will directly reach the Netgear genie smart setup webpage.
You might face issues when the webpage will not open automatically. To tackle this problem, you need to open the installation page manually.

For that to happen, you have to enter the default Netgear extender setup IP address. Either you can fill in your browser’s URL bar or you can just type in As a result, you will directly link to the Netgear genie setup webpage.

Might be, you won’t able to reach the setup page even after filing in the correct login details. To resolve this, check the web address carefully because a minor mistake will lead to errors. You need to try this whole process again by entering the correct web address.

You will get the step-by-step installation guide as you get succeeded in reaching the Netgear genie setup page.

To configure your New Netgear Wi-Fi range extender via Netgear Genie, follow the below-mentioned steps.

To start with, recheck the connection between the existing router and your Netgear extender network.

As you will reach the Netgear genie smart setup wizard, you will see a list of WiFi networks.

Then you have to pick the internet router’s network name that you want to extend. Click Continue.

You will see a screen asking for the network Password if the network has the security feature enabled.

It is advised to go for a 5GHz WiFi network in case the internet router is dual-band.

When the extender starts connecting to your router, you can modify the settings of the WiFi range extender.

If you don’t want to make alterations, you can simply click the continue button to proceed further.

Congratulations! You get succeeded in the process of Netgear new extender setup using the Netgear genie setup. In case you are facing any major issue, you can take the help of professionals anytime.


One-Click Firmware Update:

One of the best features of the Netgear Genie app is you get the chance to update the firmware of your router and extender with just one click. The app will save your efforts and time as well.

Easy To Make Changes In Username And Password:

By installing the Netgear genie app in your system or smartphone, you get the eligibility to make changes in the username and password of your extender. Moreover, you don’t need to follow a lengthy manual process where a single error will lead to critical technical issues.

Quick Access To The Dashboard:

From managing the network to checking the connectivity status, the Netgear Genie app offers you several features on the dashboard. You will get all the detailed network information here easily.

WiFi Analytics Monitoring:

You can monitor and control the Analytics of the WiFi network using the Genie App without any hassle.

Better Security Of Internet Network:

You won’t believe but there are a number of internet security features that you can use by installing the Netgear Genie smart setup app. All you need is to set up this app on your gadgets like smartphones, computers, and more using the QR code.

Monitor Guest Access:

Last but not least, you will get the option of monitoring and controlling the accessibility of guest access to your network. This will lead to better security and save your confidential information from strangers.

These are some of the fascinating features that you can avail of by using the Netgear Genie Smart setup app. By getting aware of these, you can easily get multiple benefits. Moreover, you also get the option of using a single username and password to access your Netgear accounts. Believe it or not, the genie app is the most secure way to manage your internet network.

In conclusion, from super quick and easy access to parental controls to quick download and installation, there are a number of things that you can enjoy by installing the Genie Smart setup App in your smart gadgets. You will get a glimpse of several other advanced functions, including the uninvited guests connected to the internet, network auditing, and more.

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